Associate Instructor, Nancy Bittinger

Nancy Bittinger Nancy Bittinger

Carlisle, PA

When Nancy took her first Bowenwork Class in 2011, she knew that she had just found something that was going to change her life and the life of her clients. Bowenwork has helped her clients in ways that she never could have imagined. She gets to see Bowenwork miracles every day. She can’t imagine having any other profession. Not every decision that she has made in her life has been profoundly positive, life altering, make the world a better place kind of decision, but taking that first Bowenwork class was. She is thankful and blessed that this is the work she is sharing with the world.

The only natural extension of loving this work the way she does, is to begin teaching others how to do it. Teaching has always been something she has done for “fun”. She has created couple’s massage classes, taught infant massage classes, taught girl scout troops, and at her church. She has been involved in every aspect of religious education. She taught every age group, including the youth group for five years. She also taught a 27-week sexual education class called “Our Whole Lives” to middle schoolers! That takes a special kind of brave to do that, but she loved every minute of it. Bringing two things that she is so passionate about together, Bowenwork and teaching, feels like her highest calling.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor 2015
Bowenwork Practitioner 2012
Reiki Practitioner 2010
Thai Yoga Massage Therapist 2005
Massage Therapist 1993