Associate Instructor, Shannon Dederer

Shannon Dederer, associate instructor Shannon Dederer
Redding, CA

Born in Woodland, California Shannon at a young age had a heart to help people. Having a grandmother with polio she began tending to her needs with compassion which in turn led her to pursue a career in health care. She became a Certified Nurses Aid in 1990 and has spent many years in the convalescent field. Shannon was introduced to Bowen in 2009 through her mothers debilitating battle with vertigo. Astonished by the results, she immediately signed up for training.

Her sense of humor combined with warm heartedness contributes to her ability to connect to her clients and provide Bowen professional atmosphere. Her excitement and belief in this modality motivates her to further her education so she may continue helping others. Shannon’s mission is to share the gift of Bowenwork to the people she comes in contact with.

Associate Bowenwork Instructor 2015
Bowenwork Practitioner 2014
Certified Nurses Aid 1990