Faculty, Alexia Monroe

alexia monroe, bowenwork faculty Alexia Monroe
Arizona City, AZ

Alexia’s passion for Bowenwork started when receiving her first session resulted in resolution of her chronic back pain. Since her history includes multiple pain disorders, she holds deep compassion for chronic pain in others. She reflects, “We all know of the Bowen miracles on acute injuries. Yet I am just as much in awe of the ‘slow miracles’, the gradual resolution of long-standing conditions deemed intractable by modern medicine. I regularly see dramatic, lasting improvements, and often full remission, in cases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines and arthritis. I’ve not seen any other work achieve the same life-changing results”.

Alexia is devoted to teaching Bowenwork so that students and practitioners can offer it to others. She has observed over decades that only when many practitioners are practicing in one area does the public begin to seek it out. Once many clients experience how it stimulates a healing response beyond the norm, the work gains credibility. Alexia’s vision is for Bowenwork to spread until it is everywhere. Alexia loves to attend to each student’s learning style, to give clear explanations, and to create a warm, congenial atmosphere. She has created the Bowen Career Success course, in addition, to guide each practitioner toward an individualized, deeply satisfying career.

Bowenwork Faculty-1996
Bowenwork Practitioner-1993
Licensed Massage Therapist-2007
BA-Fine Arts/Education-University of Oregon-1994
Licensed Massage Technician-1985