Annual Fee

A $75 registration fee at the beginning of the curriculum serves as an annual fee that covers the following:

  • One year’s subscription to the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia’s digital quarterly publication, Bowen Hands.
  • A monthly email newsletter that contains articles, testimonials and class lists.
  • Access to live teleconferences hosted by our instructors.
  • Our administrative costs.

After completing the requirements to become a professional practitioner, the fee also includes:

  • Client referrals via public listings on our website and in Bowen Hands.
  • Access to, and credit for, all American Bowen Academy and Bowtech-endorsed continuing education classes.

We ask our professional practitioners to remain current in their yearly registration fee. Not only does it support the efforts to promote Tom Bowen’s unique work, but it also supports you. Staying current in your registration means you will always have access to continuing education to expand your understanding and increase your skills.

Cancellation Policy

Instructors make every effort to promote their classes in order to achieve a minimum number of enrollments. However, there will be times when minimum enrollments are not met and the instructor will need to cancel a class. In those cases the instructor must cancel the class two weeks prior to the class start date and refund all deposits.

In addition, American Bowen Academy recognizes the fact that students must sometimes cancel a class they have registered for after they have sent in a deposit.

The following policy sets the guidelines regarding instructor and student cancellations and the return of deposits:

  • If the class is cancelled due to an insufficient number of students, then registered students have the choice of having their deposits returned or applying their deposits toward the next class the student takes with that instructor.
  • In order to avoid extra expense in case the instructor cancels a class, we strongly recommend that students purchase changeable, or refundable, airline tickets.
  • If a student is unable to attend the class and notifies the instructor more than 48 hours prior to the class, then the student’s deposit will be honored toward the next class the student attends with that instructor.
  • Deposits are forfeited for cancellations within 48-hours of the class.

American Disabilities Act

American Bowen Academy provides reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities. Our policy is available upon request.

Complaint Resolution Policy

American Bowen Academy takes all complaints and concerns seriously and will perform a thorough investigation of all relevant facts of a complaint. See our Professional Standards page for more information about filing a complaint.