Sherie Hatton, Associate Instructor

Sherie Hatton
Mount Ida, AR

I was first introduced to Bowen through my mom and her friend, who had both experienced remarkable results from their first sessions. I have always been amazed at the body’s form and function, in particular, its unique way of healing and repairing itself. I love exploring natural and non-invasive ways of treating illness and conditions. Because of that interest, I became a nurse in 2004 and worked in a medical/surgical unit of an acute care hospital. In 2013, I was very excited to see the effects of Bowenwork on my mom, achieved with such gentle moves. So without experiencing any Bowenwork myself, I immediately decided I had to learn this method!

I began my first course in April of 2013, and really enjoy growing and learning as a Bowenwork practitioner ever since. I am so happy when clients ask me how they too can learn about Bowen. Many of these clients have come to Bowen as a last resort in their efforts to reduce pain or other chronic conditions. After feeling results within the first minutes of a Bowenwork session, many want to know more about this wonderful modality. Seeing their satisfaction and results makes me eager to reach even more individuals with this amazing gift I have been granted.

BS-Nursing 2020
Bowenwork Associate Instructor 2020
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner 2014
Associate Degree-Nursing 2004