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“Attention Deficit Disorder/ Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder” Jan Stewart and John Cockfield

Bowenwork Alone on the Day: Why?” Alexia Monroe

“Degenerative Muscle Disease” Rosemarye Kirkwood

Embryology — What Can It Tell Us” John Wilks

Excessive Pressure is Not Necessary“, Sean Johnson, Bowen Instructor, South Africa, originally published in March 2013 Bowen Hans

Fascia — Our Natural Communication System” John Wilks

Helpful Hints to Getting a Bowen Therapy Policy Up and Running in the Public Health Service” (includes health questionnaire and evaluation form), Anna Dicker

Keen Tissue Tension Sense” Joshua Rasco

“Less is More
” Janet Riley RN; Bowen Hands, March 2015

The Ironman Needs You and Bowen” Pierre Saine; Bowen Hands, March 2009

The Power of Bodywork” Sean Wolf

Tom Bowen drawing and philosophy” American Bowen Academy

Of Special Note:

On the Bowenwork Learning Curve” Alexia Monroe, Bowen Hands

Bowenwork Practitioner Writing Program

Class Coordinator Guidelines

Reflections on Converting a Massage Practice to Bowenwork” Alexia Monroe, Bowen Hands