Meet Our Instructors

Our faculty instructors are passionate about Bowenwork and dedicated to providing an extraordinary learning experience in every class. They truly enjoy helping others learn and spend individual time with each student to ensure their success. We select our instructors from a pool of our most experienced and highly skilled practitioners and guide them through a rigorous, two-year instructor training program.

Faculty instructors conduct the Bowenwork module classes that lead to a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner Level I certificate. Several of our faculty are senior instructors who also offer continuing education classes to practitioners and other health professionals.

Associate instructors are also passionate about Bowenwork and dedicated to teaching practical and informative Introductory classes to the public. These Bowenwork ambassadors truly bring Tom Bowen’s unique work to the world by sharing key Bowenwork skills with all who wish to learn a simple way to improve their own health, or to help others.