Program Details

Bowenwork practitioners complete Modules 1-7 plus additional business and science courses in order to earn a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner-Level I certificate.

Overview of Modules 1-7

Every module includes demonstrations of each procedure, extensive supervised hands-on practice, and a review of previously taught procedures, along with the following:

  • Detailed explanation of anatomical landmarks and location of moves.
  • Explanation of client and practitioner positioning for comfort and safety.
  • Discussion of indications and contraindications, appropriate draping, pre-session intake questions and post-session self-care advice.
  • Manuals with detailed notes, photographs and anatomical diagrams.
  • Written assessments and group discussions.

Prerequisites: The modules must be taken in sequence, following timing guidelines. In order to provide enough time for practice, take single modules no closer together than one per month. Or, if taking pairs of modules (e.g., 1&2, 3&4, 5&6), wait at least two months between each pair and the next.

Cost for Modules 1-6 – $430/modules (if paid 21 days prior to class date.)
Module 7 – $480 (if paid 21 days prior to class date.)

There is a $75 administrative fee collected on the first day of the Module 1 class. The fee covers the cost of adding and maintaining the student’s profile on our website; receiving digital copies of all training materials and handouts, monthly newsletters, and support from American Bowen Academy’s administrator. After the first year, there is a $40 annual fee collected on the anniversary of the student’s first Bowenwork class.

Module 1 Description

-The Bowenwork Move
-Lower Back Procedure
-Upper Back Procedure
-Neck Procedure
-Kidney Procedure
-Head Procedure
-Working with a Client

Module 2 Description

-Respiratory Procedure
-Shoulder Procedure (with an Assistant)
-Shoulder Procedure (without an Assistant)
-Hamstring Procedure
-Cramp Procedure

Module 3 Description

-Pelvic Procedure
-Elbow/Wrist Procedure
-Sacral Procedure
-Knee Procedure

Module 4 Description

-Ankle Procedure (with Strapping)
-Upper Respiratory/TMJ Procedure
-Bowenwork seated
-Procedures for Babies and Children
-Hammer Toe Procedures (with Strapping)
-Bunion Procedure
-Tom Bowen’s Home Remedies

Module 5 Description

-Coccyx Procedure
-North Procedure (Shoulder)
-East Procedure (Shoulder)
-South Procedure (Shoulder)
-West Procedure (Shoulder)
-Gall Bladder Procedure
-Chest Procedure

Module 6 Description

-5A & 7A Medially Procedure (Hamstrings)
-Bursitis Procedure
-Recommendations to Assist Conception
-Perineal Procedure
-Bedwetting Procedure
-Thoracic Procedure
-Ossie’s Recommendations

Module 7 Description

Module 7 is a two-day testing module, administered by an assessing instructor.

We highly recommend that you attend a Review Class before taking Module 7.

Module 7 Prerequisites:
Completion of Module 6 at least one month earlier.
Completion of 10 case studies and 50 log hours documented.

Overview of Additional Required Classes

Additional training needed in order to earn a certificate can consist of classes taken through American Bowen Academy, can be transferred credits from previous learning, or a combination of both. The additional requirements are:

120 hours of Anatomy and Physiology

  • Students who need an anatomy and physiology class to become a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner can attend an online class facilitated by Nancy Pierson. To enroll, click on Find a Class, and use the pull down menu to select Anatomy and Physiology for Bowenworkers. Click here for a class description.
  • In addition, the Academy recommends that students who do not have a bodywork license also take the 60-hour Pathology class. Click on Find a Class and use the pull down menu to select Pathology. Click here for a class description.

Six hours of Workplace Hygiene, Health and Safety

20 hours of Business Skills

Eight hours of Ethics

CPR Certification

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