Professional Standards

American Bowen Academy is endorsed by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and charged with the responsibility to train, assess and certify students in order to qualify them to become Professional Bowenwork Practitioners.

We set, and monitor adherence to, professional standards and policies for instructors, practitioners, and students in the United States.

Ethics Policies and Disciplinary Procedures

Our instructors, practitioners, and students commit to upholding a rigorous Code of Ethics, which includes standards for ethics and professional boundaries. American Bowen Academy investigates all complaints and potential code of conduct violations and takes disciplinary action as appropriate.


Practitioner Code of Ethics
Policy for Resolving Complaints About Practitioners or Students


Instructor Code of Ethics
Policy for Resolving Complaints About Instructors or Classes

Inquiries and complaints may be sent in writing to:

Steven Miller, Administrator
American Bowen Academy
1717 N Nevada Way
Mesa, AZ 85203