Hi, my name is Jaime and I am a holistic veterinarian. I began Bowen Therapy treatments for myself back in March, and after the first treatment I told my instructor, ‘I must learn this for animals!’  The animal Bowen classes have opened up a new world of possibilities for my patients, and I have been using it almost on a daily basis. Tanya’s teaching style was great, intent and thorough but not stressful. The content in the class was comprehensive and I felt confident in my skills upon completion.  I loved how I could learn tips from the Bowen practitioners in the class, and they could learn animal tips from me. I have recommended the class to fellow veterinarians, and I recommend it as a great tool for all Bowen practitioners as well!

Here is an article about Bowen Success Stories. The Author explains, “Some Bowen success stories come from clients I’ve personally treated and whose lives have been changed for the better by Bowen therapy and others from my Bowen students who go on to discover and create their own success stories once they’re trained Bowen practitioners.

So friends and clients have been asking me how is Diana doing and did she really only have one Bowenwork session (almost 2 months ago). Well, I got to talk with Diana this evening and she reports that she is doing very well, moving/ walking/ living without sciatic pain, balance issues, headaches, digestive issues. Diana also shared that her chronic hand tremors (due to nerve damage from a previous medication) no longer trouble her. I could only reply to Diana that her response to Bowenwork is simply wild, wonderful and amazing”. Read more about Diana – Vickie, California

“Anyone out there suffering from Fibromyalgia, Acid Reflux, Headaches, Sciatica or TMJ? I can say first hand that Bowen worked for me on all of those issues. It amazed me that the relief was almost immediate considering that I had been suffering for years. Treat yourself to some Bowen.” – Kathy, Redding, California

“At a time when I was so sick with Vertigo, severe Scoliosis and knots in my neck and shoulders, my Doctor prescribed medication and sent me to Physical Therapy including massages 3 times a week for 12 weeks. It was a terrible time for me, I could hardly make it through the day. After the 12 weeks the Therapist told me I would have to return to the doctor and depend on the medication only, because the therapy wasn’t working. At that point, I was truly discouraged. One day a friend called and said to try Bowen Therapy. I said I had never heard of it. He said it was homeopathic medicine and that had helped him and please give it a try. Well I had to try something so I called for an appointment. In 3 sessions the Vertigo was gone without medication. On the first session the knots on my neck and shoulders were gone and the back and scoliosis pain was under control. I told my doctor about it, and he said my prescription to you is to do Bowen for maintenance. It was the best phone call I have ever made. Thank you, Bowen.” – Donna, Corning, California

“You have created a huge and very positive impression with my current therapeutic protocol. I truly mean it when I say that my Bowenwork instructors were outstanding. Many of my clients are reporting amazing effects right after a session.” – Lauri D., Physical Therapist, Oregon

“Instruction was superb! Class was conducted in a manner that’s interesting and informative, with good keys for remembering. My instructor was patient and gentle with every student and always made us feel empowered and able to succeed.” – Student

“My Bowenwork instructor was very thorough explaining techniques, giving demos, and answering questions, and was very attentive to our individual needs. She was especially patient with those who had no previous bodywork experience, and explained proper anatomical and common names so that all the students became equally familiar with the body.” – Leslie P

“This is the most powerful of all the classes I’ve taken especially for my own body. My husband said this has had more effect on my scoliosis than anything else that I’ve done.” – Student

“As a licensed massage therapist since 1988, I am impressed with Bowenwork because it is easy on my body, and more importantly, it is the most effective modality I’ve ever used for my clients.” – Andrea B., LMT, Oregon

“The gentlest, most effective pain relief ever.” – Dr. Robert J. Rowen, MD

“My instructor was excellent and made the information very easy to understand. This helped me immensely in the hands-on portion of the class. She did a great job demonstrating and then helping me to easily locate the points on the body for the Bowen moves.” – Student