November 2020: A talk with Oswald and Elaine Rentsch

Courtesy of Subtle Energies
Ossie & Elaine 2020

A two-hour recorded Zoom presentation with Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, founders of Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. Over 200 people from around the world participated live in the fall of 2020, enjoying the Rentsches’ reminiscences of time spent with Tom Bowen, their experiences as practitioners, and answers to participants’ questions.

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Bowen 2015: John Wilks Pregnancy and Childbirth

Bowen Technique and Craniosacral therapist John Wilks talks about his work with mothers and babies, and his new book, Choices in Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Bowen 2015: Scott Wurtz discusses healing from within

Scott talks about the body’s innate capacity to heal and how Bowenwork is a natural way to take care of our bodies. The video includes client interviews

Bowenwork for People Living With Cancer

Sandra Gustafson RN, BSN, MHS, Bowenwork Practitioner and Instructor, interviews Pat Purdy about how Bowenwork has supported her through two rounds of breast cancer diagnoses and treatment. Pat very generously volunteered her time and willingness to share her story of how breast cancer and her medical treatment have affected her life, and how her Bowenwork practitioner has supported her in managing how she copes with the challenges, and continues to live her life, including working full-time. Andrew Hathaway very generously volunteered his time and videography skills in making this video. My sincerest thanks to Pat and Andrew. Please share this video with anyone you know who is living with cancer. For more information on Bowenwork, visit my website:

Josh: A Traumatic Brain Injury Success Story

Josh is a success story.

This inspiring nine-minute documentary, Josh: a TBI Success Story is presented to us by Liz McNulty, a speech therapist and Bowenwork practitioner, who supported Josh’s recovery. (Liz studied with American Bowen Academy instructors, Mary Martorano, Nancee Rogers and Sean Wolf.) When Liz first met Josh, he was on a trach tube and a feeding tube, unable to walk, and fully dependent on others. In the words of Josh’s mother, “he wasn’t responding.” Spoiler alert: at 4:50 Josh tells us, “[Liz] is inspiring me […] she takes my pain away because she does Bowenwork on me.”