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American Bowen Academy
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Meet Steven Miller, Administrator

Prior to accepting the role of Administrator for the American Bowen Academy, Steven spent the past 13 years working in the private post-secondary education management world at both the vocational and collegiate levels. Eight of those years were spent in teaching and management of a massage/bodywork school. While currently not practicing, Steven maintains my massage license and has completed the first four modules of Bowen. With a very eclectic background, one of the common threads throughout his journey is that he embraces learning something new. Whether that ‘new’ is a learned skill or his own personal growth, looking for new ways to challenge himself to be a better human being has ultimately led Steven to be here with the academy.

Steven lives with his incredible wife, Susanmarie,  in Mesa, AZ with two cats and a dog, and they are teetering on the edge of becoming empty nesters! Susanmarie is a certified Bowenwork practitioner and massage therapist with her own holistic health practice.

His first experience with Bowenwork came several years ago after a car accident left him in constant pain and discomfort. After three years of doctors visits, physical therapy, and other treatments, Steven finally started finding relief through Bowenwork. He has witnessed firsthand the benefits and is honored to now be part of the Academy.

Thank you for visiting our American Bowen Academy website. I hope you find the site easy to navigate and obtain the information that you need. If not, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email.