In order to make your browsing and searching more productive, we have organized the articles in our collection on two separate pages, according to their focus:

• Most of the General background articles were written for readers with no prior knowledge of Bowenwork. The few that were written for Bowenwork practitioners focus on some aspect of the work other than research.

• The Research reports are listed according to clients’ presenting conditions. These include several different types of research, ranging from one-client case reports through randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews.

Each citation begins with the title of the article or report, in blue, followed by the author’s name and publication data. To help you find information relevant to your interests and needs, each citation is followed by a succinct summary of the article’s contents.

Clicking on the blue link will open a new page containing the article or report. You can easily print these if you wish. Most of the articles and reports reside on our website; some on external websites. To make sure that you return to these Library pages after reading/printing an article, and don’t get stranded elsewhere, you can modify your internet browser settings.

We add new articles to these library pages every month. If you visit regularly, you will be able to spot the new ones by their contrasting color.

Please share your feedback, questions and recommendations for articles to add to our collection. Write to Librarian@AmericanBowen.Academy.