Associate Instructor, Camelia Tamasanu

Camelia Tamanasu
Farmington Hills, MI

Camelia discovered the Bowenwork Technique several years ago when she was suffering from a double herniated disc that caused severe pain and a distorted posture that made it impossible to stand up straight. Doctors wanted to perform surgery to correct the problem and told her she would be paralyzed if she did not have surgery. Her intuition sent her to a specialist who assured her she would not need surgery if she faithfully participated in Bowen therapy sessions. When her pain ceased, her posture improved and she was able to walk in a straight, upright position again. Camelia embraced Bowenwork. She credited it with saving her quality of life and was 100% convinced that it was a therapy that could help many others.

She envisions being a part of a multi-disciplinary research team bridging the knowledge gap between CAM therapies and conventional medicine. She is passionate about understanding how and why the Bowenwork technique is effective and teaching the work so more people can experience its benefits.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2015
Bowenwork Practitioner-2008
License Massage Therapist
BS Psychology – Wayne State MI
NIH award student for CAM Practitioner Research Experience
In the present following the DPT program – Nova Southeastern University FL