Associate Instructor, Collin Froman

Collin Froman
Big Spring, TX

I first came to Bowenwork after being in a lot of pain from scoliosis. I started seeing a Bowenwork Practitioner for many different things: (TMJ issues, hip issues, knee issues, sciatic pain, improvement in scoliosis, etc.). After seeing so many amazing results, I decided to start learning Bowenwork. I asked my practitioner for information, and she sent me the American Bowen Academy’s website link. I looked on the website and found that there was a class an hour and a half away from me the next weekend! I started with Module 1, fell in love with Bowenwork, and haven’t looked back since.

My favorite part of teaching is sharing my love for Bowenwork and seeing students’ faces light up when something clicks with them. I love sharing about this amazing modality and want to teach everyone I can!

Associate Bowenwork Instructor-2019
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner-2017