Associate Instructor, Crystal Maceira

Crystal Maceira
Helena, MT

I was living in Oregon when I first heard of Bowenwork. One of my clients told me how Bowenwork relieved her migraines. Seven months later, I was a practitioner. Since then, my husband and I have moved to Montana. It is exciting to see positive results in 1-2 sessions. I am excited that my new neighbors are taking advantage of Bowenwork, and they are excited because of their treatments last (which are better odds than when I just did massage). I am excited that while learning the Bowenwork, I don’t have to be “perfect” to get great results. I am excited that the person doesn’t have to be on my table; I can perform a few moves on the trail of a hike or pew of a church; it only takes a few minutes and that means no burnout here!

I love learning new things! It seems to energize me, and, when I can teach others about the things I love, well, that just magnifies it ten-fold! Being a Master Herbalist and Iridologist, I have been able to teach others how to make positive life changes in their life and they have really appreciated it. After moving to Montana, I realized just how much Bowenwork excited me. There are not many Bowenwork practitioners in this state, and there are no instructors. I have had the opportunity to learn from the best Instructors, who gave me their passion for Bowenwork to me. Now, I am seeing great results! Please, come share this journey of Bowenwork by learning how to perform these gentle moves on your family and friends.

2020- Wellness Instructor
2017-Bowenwork Practitioner
2013-Orthopedic Massage
2011- Iridology Certification
2007- School of Natural Healing-Master Herbalist
2000-Myotherapy College of Utah- Massage Therapist
1997-Dominion Herbal College- Herbalist