Associate Instructor, Darcy Cunningham

Darcy Cunningham
N Yarmouth, ME

Darcy’s overarching life passion has been supporting and guiding others in experiencing more ease and more joy in life – including freedom from pain, limitations, in body, mind and soul. This passion has been expressed over the years in many roles, most recently via Bowenwork. Darcy originally sought Bowenwork to help address a bone-on-bone knee from an old skiing injury, seeking to avoid surgery and yet do all she loved to do. Noticing immediate progress, she could see both the power of Bowenwork, and was thrilled that the principles of Bowenwork lined up exactly with her work in Therapeutic Yoga. She dove right in and completed coursework and case studies by late 2017.

In addition to continually refining her practice, Darcy has always loved teaching and sharing what she has learned, giving people the tools they need for their own well-being. She also noted that Bowenwork, like Yoga, was not limited to physical outcomes, but affected emotional and spiritual well-being as well. It was only natural to become a certified Wellness Associate (ABA) able to offer “Bowenwork, Wellness in Your Hands” to anyone wanting to learn a little more about Bowen – and be able to offer some wonderful basic Bowenwork to family, friends, and yourself!

Bowenwork Wellness Associate-2020
McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release-2019
Bowenwork Practitioner-2018
Certified Yoga Therapist – C-IAYT International Association of Yoga Therapists-2015
Meditation-Institute of the Himalayan Tradition-2007
Registered Yoga Teacher-Yoga Alliance-2002