Associate Instructor, Gisela Bosch

Gisela Bosch
Brighton, MI

As I learn more about the human body and its self-healing abilities, I am more and more in awe of its function and intricacies. My journey into natural health began before I became a State Certified Midwife in Tuebingen, Germany, and is always continuing. Bowen is a perfect fit for me. I love the gentleness and effectiveness of it. Bowen uses the body’s healing response in a unique way. By using light pressure on precise locations throughout the body, it relaxes and encourages the body to return to a more balanced state of health and wellbeing. I myself had and continue to have great results. I am happy that I get to experience improvement for my clients also.
Teaching the classes has added another dimension to my work. Giving students the tools to help out their friends, families, and themselves is very rewarding. I enjoy teaching the Wellness in Your Hands class. It is good to see those Aha! moments and hear from students when they apply what they learned. An additional benefit is that it gives people a better understanding of the work they receive themselves.

Distance Bowen-2020
Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner-2018
Bowen Associate Instructor-2016
Bowen Practitioner-2014
State Certified Midwife-1980