Faculty, Gisela Bosch

Gisela Bosch
Brighton, MI

Born near Stuttgart, Germany, Gisela and her husband came to the US in 1984 for business and ended
up staying and raising their three children. In Germany, Gisela was trained as a Nationally Certified
Midwife. She has always been interested in natural techniques to support her and her family’s health. As
a gentle and precise practice to facilitate self-healing of the body Bowenwork fits right in. Gisela became
a Bowenwork Practitioner in 2014 after experiencing great results for herself with Bowenwork. Taking
additional classes expanded her knowledge. In 2016 she became an Associate Bowenwork Instructor
and loved seeing and hearing the results of her students using the Bowenwork moves they had been
taught. When the opportunity arose to become an instructor, Gisela did not hesitate to apply and
complete the training. She is currently mostly teaching in Michigan, but is also willing to travel to conduct
the workshops on request.

Distance Bowen-2020
Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner-2018
Bowen Associate Instructor-2016
Bowen Practitioner-2014
State Certified Midwife-1980