Associate Instructor, Heather Boyle

Heather Boyle, Associate Instructor

Heather Boyle, Associate Instructor

Heather Boyle
New London, WI

Heather believes that every bodyworker’s journey is to find a therapy or modality that resonates with him/her on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, and she has found that calling in Bowenwork! Not only is Bowenwork easy on the practitioner’s body, but it is gentle and pleasant for the recipient because nothing is forced or imposed, simply informed and allowed. Heather’s clients see lasting results in areas where massage and other therapies only offered temporary relief, it any at all. Sharing in their healing processes brings a sense of wonder and fulfillment on a level she had not previously experienced while providing massage therapy. Heather especially loves that Bowenwork is effective because it supports and activates the natural healing mechanisms already in place within each body.

As a practitioner, Heather endeavors to facilitate each client’s process of embracing the healing power of their own body. She is humbled by what each body teaches her every day, knowing that stepping back and allowing the body to respond in its own way and time yields the best results. As an instructor, Heather looks forward to introducing Bowenwork to people of all ages and walks of life, hoping it will soon be a commonly recognized term among people searching for health and wellness tools for themselves and their families. Bowenwork should be the first thought, not the last resort!

Associate Instructor 2018
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner 2017
WI Licensed Massage/Bodywork Therapist, 2012
The Wisconsin School of Massage Therapy, Class of Aug. 2012