Associate Instructor, Lisa Toole

IA_ME_Toole Lisa Toole
South Berwick, ME

Lisa Toole loves the gentle effectiveness of the Bowenwork modality and the “less is more” approach to encouraging the body’s self-correction. As a practitioner and Associate Instructor, she believes in following the client’s pace of healing with respect for each body’s inner wisdom in determining the order of healing. Unlike interventive approaches to wellness, Lisa finds greater value for clients when their unique pace for healing is respected. Personal empowerment is a great benefit of Bowenwork and one that Lisa deeply values. She credits her own wellness to periodic Bowenwork sessions.

Lisa finds teaching Introduction to Bowenwork: Wellness in Your Hands to be exciting, challenging, and fun. When asked about teaching she responded by saying, “Witnessing the moment when a student ‘gets the move’, or shares how they helped someone, or when a student expresses their excitement for the work; well it’s all so contagious in a great way. It’s a feeling you just can’t bottle!” Lisa enjoys each opportunity to deepen the reach of the work through collaboration with students.

Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2014
Bowenwork Practitioner-2014
BS-Communication-Southern N.H. University-1986