Faculty, Ainslee Farrington

ainslee farrington, bowenwork faculty Ainslee Farrington
Strafford, NH

Finding Bowenwork was for Ainslee a life changing event. The work resonated deeply when she found she was tuning in to her body in a very new way. Forgotten injuries were released, making her aware that her body had been renewed, as it felt amazingly at ease and fluid. To be able to facilitate that experience for clients of all ages and in all states of health has been a remarkable journey. Helping them be their best selves she finds is a gift; to them and to herself.

Taking it another step to teaching practitioners, Ainslee enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for Bowenwork with students from every background. ‘Students see immediate benefits for people even as they just begin the training, and excitedly report their results in case studies, which is tremendously rewarding!’

Bowenwork Faculty-2014
Bowenwork Associate Instructor-2012
Bowenwork Practitioner-2011
BFAed-University of Massachusetts-1979