Faculty, Helen Leonard

Helen Leonard Helen Leonard
Stafford VA

With degrees in health sciences, focusing on exercise, nutrition, fitness, and Bowenwork. Helen applies cutting-edge methods to maximize client health. Helen specializes in functional fitness, muscle release techniques, and stability training to assist with pain management, injury recovery, and preventative care. Mrs. Leonard worked closely with a chiropractic and pain management clinic bringing an innovative and effective approach resulting in profound long-term improvement. She had been a wellness clinician for 28 years and is practicing Bowenwork as an important integral therapy to maximize healing for her clients. Helen’s desire to spread the word of Bowenwork, so she began teaching the 4-hour introductory class for family and friends to provide access to helping each other’s health regiment.

Helen brings a wealth of experience and broad knowledge of how to regain and improve health. She instructs other students to learn Bowenwork and become certified Bowenwork practitioners and develop their own practice for healing people.