Faculty, Lisa Rhodes

Lisa Rhodes Abilene, TX

Lisa loves Bowenwork because it allows the body to use its inherent wisdom to heal. Bowen practitioners are only stimulating the body to self-correct. Getting to the source of an issue can be difficult to discover, but with Bowenwork, the body can figure it out. It is truly natural healing at its finest. When roadblocks to health are removed, then the body will adjust. Correction achieved without medication or surgery is appealing to everyone. This gentle work can been done on old and young alike without the risk of doing harm.

Lisa enjoys teaching because she is sharing and spreading this ultimate modality of health. She feels that when you have something as precious as Bowenwork in your hands, then you need and are obligated to share it. It would be a travesty to lose this modality because one wanted to be the only one in their area to be able to service people. It is her goal to be able to continue spreading Bowenwork with all who are willing to learn, wherever that may take her.

2017 – ABA Faculty
2015 – Bowenwork Associate Instructor
2012 – Certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Parker Chiropractic
2011 – Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
2008 – Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health
2008 – Certified Traditional Naturopath
1986 – Bachelors of Education in Family and Consumer Sciences from Abilene Christian University