Faculty, Vicki Mechner

Mechner Vicki Mechner
Springfield VA

Vicki loves observing the changes that clients experience through Bowenwork. Within a few minutes or a few sessions, pains lessen or disappear, and restricted movements begin to ease. She finds the changes that evolve over several years to be even more interesting. When clients return for periodic “tune-ups” or after fresh injuries, they often tell Vicki about career changes or how they have resolved long-standing interpersonal problems. She says, “Many clients come to their first Bowen session believing the body is designed to fall apart after age 30. When they experience the release of pain and restriction, that belief changes, and the freed-up energy can be used to address non-physical issues.”

Vicki derives satisfaction from knowing that her students can benefit many more people than she ever could reach directly. In the classroom, she delights in watching her students develop more precise hands-on work and greater sensitivity to the response of the underlying tissue. In class and through students’ case studies, she coaches them in the “Bowen detective skills” that help them trouble-shoot their clients’ physical issues more efficiently.

Bowenwork Faculty-2001
Bowenwork Practitioner-1996
Certified Rubenfeld Synergist-1996
Publication of Healing Journeys: The Power of Rubenfeld Synergy, Vicki Mechner, editor. OmniQuest Press-1998
Invited speaker at Australian BTAA Conference on research into Bowenwork-2002
Advisor to the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund (Australian charity benefiting children with disabilities)-2002-2006
“The Bowen Technique” in Massage Magazine, Issue #106 (Nov/Dec 2003) pp. 102-107