Lisa Teets, Associate Instructor

Lisa Teets
Ypsilanti, Michigan

After being in a serious car accident I had been receiving massage and Chiropractic for many years to keep my neck and back pain from worsening. When I discovered Bowenwork, my issues started to become resolved. After several sessions, I looked into becoming trained for Bowenwork. I wanted to offer the healing I found to others.

I have hundreds of clients, some see me regularly while others only need a few sessions. But always, they refer others to me.

I pursued teaching Bowenwork because I have always been a teacher. I would teach my sister when we were children. I tutored mathematics in high school and college. I enjoyed a career as a high school mathematics teacher. After beginning aerobics, I pursued training in teaching aerobics. I did the same with yoga, Pilates, and T’ai Chi. I have loved helping clients with Bowenwork and I love teaching Bowenwork to others. It is a powerful healing modality and I love offering this power to others.


Bowenwork Associate Instructor 2021
American Tai Chi and Qigong Association 2021
Bowenwork SP2 2014
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner 2012
MA, Educational Psychology 1998
BA, Mathematics 1989